Cancer Care


People’s worlds are turned upside down when they discover they have cancer. They need physical, mental and spiritual support.  For anyone seeking to enhance their ability to heal, you will find bi-weekly colonics a great complementary approach for aiding the detoxification process.


From my experience with cancer patients, I have developed a special understanding of the need to work with my clients in a team relationship, with options – not opinions, as we create together a wellness strategy. As an ally in your healing journey, I ask questions and I listen intently to your answers. I focus on the person, not the cancer, and give you full permission to create your own healing journey with my support.

Call me to find out how colon therapy can empower you to take control of your cancer treatment and care.  My goal is to be an invaluable component of your cancer care strategy, a field I have devoted my career to.  I am here for you. Call: 718-916-6637