Colonics and Stress

Colonics and Stress

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the stress around me.  Caring for elders, running a household, my own health needs, and juggling my business, my personal life, and my artistic endeavors all cause STRESS and there are many ways to deal with it.

Having a colonic is an excellent way to de-stress.  You are taking an hour out of your day for some “me” time… working with your colonic therapist to LET GO of what does not serve you.  You are literally LETTING GO of all the toxins you have inhaled, ingested and absorbed without even noticing… our world is quite toxic on so many levels.

Having a colonic is like sitting at the edge of a vista on a mountain top and being still.  It allows you to reconnect to your Source, slow down, and reset your internal body clock.  A colonic is like a clear mountain spring, or wind on your face as you watch a sunrise.  Let’s work together to recover the inner you, the well you, the peaceful you who doesn’t hold on to stress.


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