Colonics can Cure Bloated Belly

Colonics can Cure Bloated Belly

I was feeling bloated. My tummy was hard as a rock. I ate Tums. I stopped drinking carbonated water. Nothing seemed to help. I did some research and learned that it wasn’t just my intestines that were full of gas and bloated, but ALL of my body’s cells were bloated. My entire system was in distress. I had to shift my health, and quickly, because inflammation causes disease – serious, life-threatening disease. So what did I do?

  1. I GOT A COLONIC. For my body to heal, I was going to have to create an internal healing environment. A sluggish colon holds onto toxins which are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, causing illness, known as “autointoxication.”  My colon was now prepared to properly absorb and digest my food.
  2. I immediately went on an alkaline food plan – raw plant-based foods and juices – avoiding the usual culprits which are highly acidic like coffee and tea with caffeine, over-cooked vegetables and meat.
  3. I started putting fresh lemon and lime juice in my water to sip throughout the day. They help restore your gut to balance.
  4. I continued with weekly colonics as my body healed.  Within a month, the inflammation receded.

At New Mexico Colonics, we can work with you to immediately relieve distress from bloat, and we can work with you to create a food plan that supports your healing, not leaving you out there on your own without nutritional guidance. Give us a call at 718-916-6637.  We can help.

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