Colonics & Indigestion – What’s the Big Deal?

Colonics & Indigestion – What’s the Big Deal?

Colonics and Indigestion. What’s the Big Deal?

Do you take Tums, Mylanta or other antacids for indigestion regularly?

Indigestion is upper abdominal pain after eating. Don’t just treat the symptom with antacids. Get to the bottom of the problem.

Do you know that Antacid meds inhibit the body’s ability to absorb calcium (which can lead to osteoporosis) and can make you vulnerable to parasites and viruses?

Indigestion can indicate that your body isn’t regulating acid secretions properly. It might indicate gallbladder or pancreatic problems, ulcers or gastric reflux. There can also be lower intestinal problems (leaky gut, colitis, crone’s, or yeast, parasites, etc.) that can be causing it.

What’s the big deal? Why not just pop a pill? Indigestion means your body is not absorbing the nutrients you ingest. All that money you spend on food, plus extra vitamins and minerals you buy, don’t enter your cells, but are instead eliminated in your waste. Worse, that undigested food can turn into toxins and fat storage. Not absorbing nutrients leads to malnutrition that shows up as anemia, a swollen abdomen, bone pain, muscle cramps, weakness and fatigue, and even autoimmune syndromes.

The best solution: It can take three to six months to repair and rebuild the digestive mechanism. Colonics will clean you out and reset your immune system so your colon can do the digestive work it was created to do. Monthly colonic sessions will keep your colon eliminating properly. Eating the right foods, taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, plus eating properly for your constitution will help most digestive issues and end the indigestion forever. And that’s a big deal.

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