Colonics with a Little Something Extra

Colonics with a Little Something Extra

I love non-traditional healing arts.  Many years ago, when I was experiencing severe health challenges, I was led to a healer who gave me my first colonic. Twenty years later, I am the therapist performing the colonic, always asking my inner-self, “What will make this the best colonic they have ever had?”

I decided to start working with crystals. Amethyst, more than other crystal, quiets your mind, allows you to make contact with spirit more easily. It is known for relief from melancholy and depression, as well as helping to dissolve anger, fear and anxiety that you may be holding onto.

Amethyst also has healing powers to help with physical ailments and in balancing your Chakras. I like to wear amethysts, to remind myself that I can make healthy choices… what I eat, who I interact with, my choices for self-care: exercise, healthy food choices, colonics, and acupuncture.

Next time you decide to have a colonic, come work with me and together we will use Amethyst’s energy to help you let go more completely.  Call me at 718-916-6637 for an appointment.

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