Epsom Salt – Grandma’s wisdom

Epsom Salt – Grandma’s wisdom

Our grandmothers were in charge of the family health back in the day.  I had heard about folk remedies for constipation before, especially regarding Epsom salt, which I bathe in nightly for it’s relaxation effects.  Since I am a colonic hydrotherapist by profession, I wondered if using them orally might help my patients who suffer from chronic recurring constipation.

What I learned is that Epsom Salt contains magnesium sulfate, which are a pure mineral compound.  I worried about ingesting “salt” because New Mexico’s high altitude tends to raise blood pressure. It’s important to be careful about home remedies.  Sometimes you are trying to improve one condition, but inadvertently create a negative impact on another part of your health without realizing it.  So I did some research.

I’m happy to tell you that a teaspoon of Epsom Salt dissolved in a glass of water can act as a laxative in the most common-sense way.  The magnesium sulfate draws water into the bowel, which softens your stool, thereby making it possible for you to move your bowels. And, it dilates blood vessels, so there’s no worry about it raising your blood pressure.  It’s not the same as sodium chloride, which is what we know as table salt.


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