Farming Can Change Our World

Farming Can Change Our World


Watching the documentary “SUSTAINABLE” on Netflix (2016) which does a beautiful job of explaining how our country got lost, interested only in profits when farming, instead of thinking about how to improve the planet, our health and further scientific research.

When I meditated for ten minutes this morning, I found myself visualizing standing in a green field, feeling the warm sun and the cool breeze on my face. I held that image for most of the session and came out of it in a profound sense of inner peace. Then I cried, because I can feel the damage of the planet (the mother) psychically.

Sustainable food means that every part of the process is good for the planet and will sustain not only our health, our lives, and the soil, but also the planet.

Farming is the second leading cause of global warming. 95% of most crops in mid-america are corn and soybeans because most processed foods use those crops to “fill” other foods with them, masking their true nature. Not healthy. Not to mention the pesticides and the chemical fertilizers.

It’s time to restore our world with whole, organic food. Our economy will turn around very quickly, as will our health. We will not be as sick, we will not NEED these extensive health care insurance policies (also known as gambling!) to make sure we are protected. We won’t need protection.

I dedicate my practice to helping people heal from the physical effects of a broken food system. We start with the body, educate the mind and open the heart again. It’s a profound way of being of service and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healing.

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