Fear of Dependence on Colonics

Fear of Dependence on Colonics

Are colonics habit-forming? Many clients have worried, if I get colonics, will my colon stop functioning on its own?

images-7Colons are a gentle, healing tool to be used to hydrate, clean and tone a colon until it is healthy again. It is our intention to assist your overworked body by helping you heal your colon. Remember the wise quote, “Do not give a man a fish – teach him to fish instead.”?  We are all about empowering you and your body to heal itselfIt would be bad karma to make you dependent upon colonics!

Actually, one of best things about a colonic irrigation is that it tones the colon muscles so your colon isn’t sluggish. Colonics stimulate peristalsis – think about how a caterpillar moves… your colon moves similarly when healthy, moving the stool through your plumbing, till it’s time to release. If you are constipated, nothing moves.

So the answer is, NO, you will NOT become dependent upon colonics. They are great for you. They assist you while you make changes in your diet, exercise, water intake, sleep patterns, until your colon works perfectly on their own.

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