Healing Constipation Gently with Acupressure

Healing Constipation Gently with Acupressure

If you’re like me, when you are feeling constipated, you want immediate relief.  Nothing works as well or as quickly as drinking water.  But if the damage is done and your system is dehydrated, you may need some gentle coaxing in order to reverse the drying effects of our altitude, your busy lifestyle, and a diet that dries you out.

I try to use my healing energy in many ways besides giving you the best colonic possible I add other techniques that can sometimes speed up your relief:

  • Acupressure – Applying gradual pressure on the acupressure point three finger-widths below the navel and Large Intestine (at the outer edge of the elbow crease) can encourage bowel activity. Additionally, working on the stomach meridian from the foot up to the knee can relax and open up the colon.

Come see me if you want to have glowing health, a strong immune system, and the knowledge of how to maintain it.

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