Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy

I am so happy 2016 is over. It was a difficult year for a lot of people and I heard that, astrologically, it was a time of great upheaval on the planet. I can believe that. I am ready to thrive in 2017 no matter what the outside circumstances in the world. I can have great impact on MYSELF by eating right, sleeping well and detoxing – letting go on many levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Having a colonic is a wonderful motivator for staying on a healthy eating regimen. It’s an investment in your future. Many of my regular clients called to report that they had made it through the holiday season with very few unhealthy choices.  Sure, people ate a few more sweets than usual, and partied more, and slept less. That’s human. To deprive oneself of celebrating is another kind of illness – perfectionism. So sure, maybe a few pounds went on, or the gut had to work a bit harder. Nothing to be alarmed about.

Having a colonic fully hydrates the colon so it works properly at the job of elimination. Cleaning it out allows nutrients to be properly absorbed into the bloodstream.  And detoxing gives the organs a boost eliminating ancient toxic matter, allowing them to function better at keeping the machine that is our body working in optimum condition.

Give me a call and make an appointment to support your health-recovery goals. 718-916-6637.  Sliding scale is available. Just talk to me.

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