“Laxatives don’t work anymore.”

“Laxatives don’t work anymore.”

My clients have reported that they used to take over-the-counter medications to help them with constipation.  Then, over time, the meds just stopped working.  They had been treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying causes. Then they came to me for colon hydrotherapy.

A colonic treatment is one hour of warm water, approximately 30 gallons, passing into and out of your large intestine.  First, the water hydrates your intestine and gets absorbed deeply into all your organs.  Then it cleans out old matter that has been “gunking up the works.”  Finally, it promotes your body’s own detox reflexes, pulling out toxins that would have been eliminated, IF your intestines had been working properly.  All in an hour.

There is no need to worry that you will become addicted to colonics. It’s simply untrue. We are treating your sick elimination system so that it works better, on its own.

Your colon didn’t get sick on its own.  You helped it along by eating the wrong things and not drinking enough water. You are out of balance and it’s time to restore that balance. Now is the time to help your colon heal.  Colonics help your body catch up and “reboot” your system so normal nightly detoxification can happen in your sleep.  Now your immune system works better, your brain functions better, your skin looks great, your energy is better… you are healing.  All because you have colonics periodically. And if those benefits aren’t good enough, a healthy colon promotes a better libido.  One of the happy side effects.

So give me a call to set you your first appointment.  Make one for your partner, too.  Working with me, you will get nutritional coaching during the session, free of charge. I am also a Raw Foods Chef and Holistic Cancer Coach and will be happy to share my knowledge with you.  Call 718-916-6637 for an appointment.


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