Make Seasonal Allergies Disappear

Make Seasonal Allergies Disappear

This is the time of year that everything starts blooming. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, I suggest you try juicing as a remedy. They’re good for you and they won’t cause rebound depression, dry mouth, and itchy eyes the way pharmaceuticals can.

Do you know that allergies are on the rise? That’s because we eat so many processed foods. Our immune system is overloaded just trying to extract some nutrition.  Then our organs are overloaded trying to filter out all the toxins, additives and  chemicals. Then, when the air is full of pollens, our immune system is already too busy to deal with them. Then our immune system does the best it can under the circumstances: we produce mucous, which lines our nasal cavities, trying to trap the inhaled pollens so they don’t end up in our lungs and cause pneumonia. That’s why so many of us suffer with the sniffles and stuffed sinuses this time of year. If your body is producing mucous, your body is trying to protect itself.  Sometimes it goes overboard.

But if you start flooding your body with the right kind of nutrition, your immune system will no longer have to deal with all the junk you usually eat, and it will be able to fight off the allergens and restore you to health.

Freshly juiced juice is the prescription for improving your allergies. This time of year I juice a lot of carrots, ginger and celery.  Carrots are sweet. Ginger is spicy and wonderful for the tummy and digestion, and celery has natural diuretic qualities, so that I look slimmer and less bloated.  Your body absorbs all those nutrients easily and then your immune system can kick back in.

Give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what a week of carrot juice once or twice a day can do.  And if you are not feeling better when you are done, chances are you are dehydrated and need to both drink more water AND have a colonic.  Cleaning out your colon periodically helps your immune system pass the wastes out of you more quickly, preventing reabsorption.

Give me a call if you’d like a spring cleaning colonic session.


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