Make Time for Self Care

Make Time for Self Care

Self-Care means you are your own best friend. You are an advocate for yourself. You do your best to treat yourself with love. You take care of your health. You make time to rest. You prioritize your wellness – knowing that without it, nothing else matters… not your big house, or your fancy car, or your good-looking partner. If you are ill, none of that comforts you. Taking time out of your busy schedule to get a colonic, to learn how to cook, to unwind, let someone else take the reigns for an hour and detox you… those are all great ways to do Self-Care.

At New Mexico Colonics, we provide a truly relaxing, clean, nurturing environment. You will be well cared-for. We will explore your health challenges, investigate nutrition problems and work together to help you physically release toxins, stored-up negative emotions and self-defeating ideas. You will be nurtured Body, Mind and Spirit.

New Mexico Colonics – Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Gwen Goldsmith
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