My Role As Your Cancer Coach

My Role As Your Cancer Coach


If you or someone you love has cancer, you face many difficult decisions. Some use alternative medicine to fight cancer: cancer-killing supplements, acupuncture, nutritional detoxification and colonic hydrotherapy. Some of my clients choose to go the traditional Western medicine route:  surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I can be a helpful part of the support team for those who choose the traditional route. A team of doctors, nurses, clinicians and therapists surround my clients, working together to support conquering the cancer.

I have seen many suffer the exhaustion that comes from this approach. Everything is set up to destroy the cancer. Unfortunately, many healthy cells are also overwhelmed.  My clients are surviving the onslaught but know that more is needed. That is where I come in as a holistic cancer coach.

Cancer-killing poisons are being administered to my clients aggressively by the oncology team. But where do the dead cancer cells go? How does the body rejuvenate after the onslaught? Cancer pioneer Dr. Ann Wigmore taught that a diet of plant-based raw foods could help restore balance by flooding the body with living enzymes, energy that rejuvenates a depleted system. Wheatgrass juice is an amazing storehouse of nutrition which also encourages the internal organs to purge toxins more quickly. Another amazing resource is watermelon rind juice, a staple in the cancer-fighting toolkit.

My role as a cancer coach includes sharing my detox knowledge with my clients as they recover from the debilitating effects of chemo and radiation. Colon Hydrotherapy accelerates the removal of released toxins, restoring the body to balance after a cycle of intense fighting. Water is a healer, gently cleaning out the colon during the treatments. Colonics are vitally important so the colon doesn’t reabsorb what is being released from the organs. Only a colonic can bring that kind of result. Normal elimination is too slow for this kind of emergency condition.

I work closely with my clients, providing on-call support through calls and texts, teaching them and their caregivers life-restoring recipes for foods that truly nourish the body back to health, at a cellular level. I nurture my clients, offering support through my listening skills and through my hands, with reflexology on trigger points which help my clients let go of their pain during the colonic, releasing their fears and their doubts. I work with prayer, and intention. I visualize the damage and vision the repair. I direct love at every damaged cell and hold space for my clients to heal.

And heal, they do! My goal is to help them thrive, not just survive. They return to energy as they improve their nutrition with my help, and they revel in each moment. Every check-up with the oncologist is positive. Cancer has not returned. Health is flourishing. The work I do makes a difference in the world. It is very gratifying.

If you or someone you love is trying to decide how to move forward with a cancer diagnosis, give me a call at 718-916-6637. Have as much information about your options as possible before you choose your path.

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