Credentials and Experience are important. Ask yourself if your current therapist is really meeting all your needs.  New Mexico Colonics might be a better fit.
Coaching Style – We use a Goals-based approach. We set short-term goals to be achieved and work slowly through them until they add up to your ultimate goal.  We do real-time coaching – available by text throughout the day, to encourage you and help you slow down compulsive decisions.
Counseling Skills – The best nutrition coaches are also excellent counselors. Food and eating healthily can be a tricky subject. It’s often very personal, and can be connected to other issues such as self-image, depression, eating disorders, and addiction.  We have been successfully working with clients for more than twenty years.
Philosophy – We are open-minded when it comes to nutrition. We keep up with current trends and research and work with you toward your goals.

WHAT GOES IN… Do some foods leave you feeling sleepy after you eat them? Do you find yourself constipated, even though you think you are drinking enough liquids? Is it almost impossible for you to lose weight unless you practically starve yourself? All of these questions have their answers in your nutrition.

MUST COME OUT… You think you are eating healthily because your bread is whole wheat, your breakfast cereal is “enriched,” your milk is pasturized and you’re eating “low fat,” “low carb,” or “sugar-free” snacks, when you have them.  And you wonder why your weight never goes down, why you don’t sleep well, why it takes forever to get over a cold or flu.  We don’t wonder why.  We know why.


YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE… It may sound like a cliche, but the truth is, your body needs to be the house where you WORSHIP this gift that is your life.  Would you drop a half-eaten bag of chips in the collection plate at church? Never. Yet you never think twice about eating junk because you’re hungry and it’s convenient.  Are you investing your time in making sure your body has what it needs? Fresh produce without pesticides.  Organic, chemical-free whole grains. Grass fed meats. Free range poultry that doesn’t torture the animals. It takes a LOT OF TIME to shop for all these ingredients.  And they cost more than whatever you can find in bulk, on sale, at Costco or Smith’s.  But your health is your GREATEST GIFT.  Why would you give it second-rate fuel?

We will work with you to add fantastic nutrition into your daily life.  We will help you eliminate, one by one, the convenience foods that actually rob your body of the essential nutrients your body needs to operate efficiently.  Some of us have felt so lousy for so long, we don’t even remember what feeling good feels like.  That is going to change with the proper support and guidance. Your meals, your food choices are going to become a new kind of hobby for you – one that will improve the quality of your life more than you can imagine.  It’s going to be fun!  We promise.