The Wisdom of Pain

The Wisdom of Pain

No one likes pain. Well, technically, masochists do, but that’s a different kind of post and not for me. So for most of us, pain is something we avoid. However, if we can learn to see our pain as a lesson from the Universe, pain can be a wonderful teacher the makes us smarter, healthier and whole.

When I think about my last tummy ache, it was after dinner a few weeks ago.  I had eaten small, healthy servings of vegetables and organic lamb. I had used fresh spices and herbs and I had not done anything obviously dumb like eating things that I know cause me trouble, like ice cream after a heavy meat meal. So what was the culprit?  In my case, I it turned out that I had some Jalapeno Ranch Dressing on my salad.

I won’t bore you with all the details of my diet but I do know that sometimes I become intolerant of spicy foods – and so I decided that the jalapeno peppers in the dressing must have been hotter than usual – causing me pain.

What did I decide to do? I decided to stop eating jalapenos in any of my food. I haven’t had a tummy ache since. It isn’t rocket science. It was common sense. I didn’t want to give up this yummy ingredient, but having pain wasn’t worth the moment of “wow” in my mouth. Can I ever eat jalapenos again? Sure, I can try. I may or may not have a reaction based on how hot that pepper is and the condition of my stomach lining. Will it be worth the risk?

What foods are you eating that cause you to rush to the toilet? Do you have a blood-sugar crash every day at the same time? If you are, I guarantee you there is something your digestion is intolerant of. We don’t want to feel responsible for our own pain but usually we can trace it back to one of our own bad choices. Pain is the teacher. It makes us pay attention. It makes us put our well-being first.

I can work with you to help you figure out the culprits of your pain. I have found that having a colonic is a good way to re-set your system so you can start fresh. Freshly juiced juices are also a good cleanser – with lots of water. The more greens, the better.  Don’t be afraid of your pain – learn from it. And be grateful.

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