Preventing Bowel Cancer

Preventing Bowel Cancer

Do you know that regular colonics can help prevent Bowel Cancer?

It makes sense to the average person that periodically having the colon’s food toxins cleaned out will promote your overall colon health. That is why I went into the field of Colon Hydrotherapy. It is the most basic and non-invasive form of “alternative” medicine for long term prevention.

But what most people don’t realize is that if you have EVER used antibiotics, even for just two weeks, they may have caused long or short-term problems for your colon that can lead to polyps and colon cancer. The problems are caused by healthy gut microbes being killed off. That is why everyone now takes probiotics regularly: to keep the gut flora balanced.

But how do we know if the damage has already been done? We can’t know. All we can do is take preventive measures to ensure our intestines stay healthy.

Other than having colonics on a regular basis, here are the Colon-Health Basics:

– Eat meats that are free of antibiotics (processed meats including bacon and other smoked meats and red CAFO meats).

– Eat prunes regularly to prevent cancer.

– In addition to eating more vegetables, make sure you ingest enough insoluble fiber (psyllium seed husk, flax seeds (ground), chia seeds) daily.

– Eat a small amount of naturally fermented food daily (raw sauerkraut, raw kimchi, raw pickles).

– Ask your doctor to check annually that you have adequate levels of Vitamin D in your blood, to prevent colon cancer.


If you make these a part of your everyday regimen, you will have a healthy colon, and a healthy colon will regulate the rest of your health.

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