Your Colon Should Move like a Caterpillar

Your Colon Should Move like a Caterpillar

You’re on a diet; you work out, you try to eat right.  Your progress is so slow.  What’s going on?


We know that foods with low fiber content move through our digestive tract very slowly – twenty-five percent slower than high-fiber choices. So our body produces excess mucous to protect us from these slow-moving toxins. That mucous often dries out and stiffens inside the intestinal tract. The colon should move like a caterpillar.Suddenly we have a sluggish colon and we start to feel poorly. This is the time a colonic is most important.


Many clients have colonics during a weight-loss diet, a fast, a cleansing program, while on a Raw Food diet, a liver detox or a gallbladder flush to speed up the rate of removal. There is no need to feel ill while you are working so hard to get better.

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