You CAN Beat Cancer

You CAN Beat Cancer

Diet For Living Cancer Free – What Worked For Me” by Paula Diana is an amazing e-book that can change your life.  This book is a road map of how to cook and eat in a way that helps you beat cancer, survive chemotherapy and develop a strong immune system. Part memoir, part cookbook, I was totally inspired on every page.  A Raw Foods diet has been shown to help many people completely heal from cancer without needing drugs therapy, when done properly.  Based on the teachings of Ann Wigmore, I found this food plan easy to learn and fun to prepare – and totally delicious.  I was so impressed, I took the class.

If you have cancer….
Some one you care about has cancer….
You’ve had cancer and want to stay cancer free….
You are an educator, coach or care giver…..

The book is available on  Just $2.99 for a download to your kindle.

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